Sky Racer FPV Venom Series Drones

Simply Better Drone design 3D Printing + Carbon Fiber

The Sky Racer venom Drones are composed of carbon fiber and 3D printing parts that can be easily replaced at home with a desktop 3D printer. Engineered to be strong and lightweight with high style that makes sense Why Use 3D Printed Parts on your Drone?

  • Full Carbon Fiber drone parts are expensive and costly to replace.
  • 3D printing allows designs impossible with full carbon fiber with better component placement and fit.
  • 3D printing allows you to personalize your drone with colors and a wide selection of Expansion parts.

Let's Face it Drones Crash

Building your own drone is fun but replacing carbon fiber parts after a crash can be expensive. We designed Own drones to use Carbon Fiber along with sacrificial 3D printed parts saving your carbon in the event of a crash. 3D printer files can be downloaded for free along with updates and our Cura printing Setting These parts can be replaced from the comfort of your own home in just a few hours to keeping you flying.

100% Best Quility Carbon Fiber Parts

We Provide the Carbon You Print the rest

Future DIY Drones
Light Tough Affordable

Venom Rogue One

The Venom Rogue One top plate is designed to accommodate all of your components 30x30 FC 30x 30 ESC and LCD displays, can be secured with injection molding brass knurled thread inserts Nuts. Compartments for GPS Receiver WiFI module DC to DC Step Down for the high power Super Bright White Shell T10 Canbus 5730 Can-bus No OBC Error 194 W5W LEDs Designed be recessed into Rear of the body for navigation even in daylight. We designed the Venom Rogue to house the battery inside the drone where it should be eliminating the need for straps that just break off and eject your expensive Lipo Batteries in a crash this design protects your power system and even retains power after the craft has been downed. A smart wire management system is in place to keep your drone build looking Clean and professional.

Build Your Own Rogue Drone

The Venom Rogue is more than meets the eye! Protected under its removable canopy are all of your important flight control systems the canopy itself is designed to hold 3 Super Bright White Shell T10 Canbus 5730 Can-bus No OBC Error 194 W5W LEDs. Ontop are holes for mounting antennas or screw in an action cam mount. The 3mm Thick Carbon Fiber Deck plate Has 30x30 and a set of 20x20 mounting holes in the front great for getting airflow to your analog VTX or Cadax Vista HD video system. Slots have been placed on the sides to use mounting straps for small batteries or extra security 3D printed Side mounts can also be attached designed to hold 1s lipo flight system back up battery in the case the main battery comes to lose in a crash you still have access to the wifi buzzer and GPS location systems. The bottom plate also has extra holes from mounting payload delivery systems with plenty of space in the rear for additional accessories. The Venom Rogue One can be used with a 25mm carbon Fiber arm or the very popular DJI F450, Flame wheel, and TBS Discovery arm systems making this a very versatile platform. Can be used in long rage mission planning, Freestyle, Race, and military applications.

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