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Happymodel EX1102 9000KV 10000KV 13500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor Original for Mobula7 HD RC Drone Package included: 4x happymodel EX1102 brushless motor(2CW 2CCW) Specification: Mode: EX1102 KV options: 9000KV 10000KV 13500KV Configu-ration: 9N12P Stator Diamter: 11mm Stator Length: 2mm Shaft Diamete..
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Brand new original stock miniature model brushless motor, 1806 Outer rotor high-speed brushless motor, The quality of workmanship is very good, External rotor drives balance correction, This batch of motors should be used by a certain model of Chiyuan hissky, The actual..
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Item:Sunnysky X2204 KV1480/KV1800 Brushless Motor Parameters: Material: Copper+Metal Color: Black KV value: KV1480,KV1800(Optional) Number of slots: 12N14P Interphase internal resistance: 338 Milliohm,156 Milliohm Motor size: Diameter 27.0x 20.5mm Axis Diameter: 3.0mm Specification of Silicone Wire..
Ex Tax:$13.97
Item: SUNNYSKY X2814 KV900 KV1000 KV1100 KV1250 Motor Parameters: Material: Copper+Metal Color: Black KV value: KV900, KV1000, KV1100, KV1250 Number of slots: 12N14P Interphase internal resistance: 52Milliohm, 38Milliohm, 32Milliohm, 25Milliohm Motor size: Diameter 35x36mm Axis Diameter: 4mm Specifi..
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Specification:Model: 3508 brushless motorKV: 750KV/380KV/275KVConfiguration: 12N14PShaft diameter:4mmMotor Diamension: 42*25Weight: 82.4g(including connecting cable)   Tips Before Purchase:1.Please leave valid and correct address(Full name, Apartment number,City,Region,Zip Code, Country etc.) when y..
Ex Tax:$34.55
Brand new model aircraft brushless motor, model 2212, KV value is 920, there are two models of orthodontics and reverse teeth, it is paired to use on micro four-axis and six-axis aircraft, the workmanship is very exquisite, no other accessories, only motor. Specification: Model: 2212 Brushless Mot..
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The new original model RC 2212 brushless motor, the big brand Weili XK RC brushless motor, the motor is exquisite workmanship, comes with the original self-locking paddle nut, the motor head is the two specifications of the front and the reverse thread, which type can be selected according to the sp..
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Brushless Motor 2808 KV900 CW/CCW Outer Rotor Motor For RC Drone DIY UAV Airplane RC Quadcopter Models   Outer rotor brushless motor 2808,KV900 The motor works very well and the running balance is very good.     Motor weight is about 53g/pc   Propeller we..
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3508 580KV Brushless Motor For Multirotor Quadcopter   Specification:   3508 Motor                    Motor KV: 580KV RPM/V    Motor Diameter: 42mm/1.651in Motor Resistance (RM): 0.1098 Ω Motor Body Length       : 25.5mm/1.004in Idle Current (Io/..
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4pcs 1106 7500KV 3-4S Mini Brushless Motor for RC Remote Control FPV Racing Drone Multicopter Propeller DIY Spare Part     Features: 1.High Quality Materials: with long life Japanese NMB ball bearings, efficient Japanese Kawasaki stator steel and oxygen free  ..
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4pcs/lot 2312 920kv Brushless Motor CW CCW 2-4S Lipo for F450 F550 450mm 500mm 550mm RC Quadcopter     Item Description   Item name:RS2312 920KV CW/CCW Brushless Motor KV value:920KV Mode:CW/ CCW  Suitable for:For DJI Phantom 1/2/3 F450/F550/S550 frame. Suitable for propelle..
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      Description:   Flat design, multi pole exterior rotor brushless motor, large torque, high efficiency Multiple mounting holes at the bottom of the motor, which is compatible with the mainstream m..
Ex Tax:$99.56
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